Industrial Roofing


Industrial roofing has its own set of unique demands, distinguished from residential roofing. In fact, it is the commercial end of roofing that we specialize in; we fully grasp the importance of a long-lasting, more utilitarian point of view that you are in search of for your rooftop.


Duro-Shield is a metal-like, but non-metal material that can be installed rather quickly to your existing rooftop. This is the fastest way to save time, stay on schedule, and not miss a beat with the function and operation of your business. Regular metal roofs can be quite susceptible to the elements; once coatings are penetrated it is vulnerable to oxidization, which rapidly engages rusty holes and fissures. This new material, however, is of a combination material that is not susceptible to those challenges. This is a leak-proof, essentially maintenance-free material that is backed by a 15-year warranty, or 20-year prorated warranty. 

We also use Duro-Last and EPDM rubber roofing material for industrial roofs of all sizes. The Duro materials we use are closely affiliated with Energy Star, which can help you save on cooling costs. These products help to protect your roof against the harsh weather elements and last for many years to come. Call us today to learn more.
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