Rubber Roofing


Rubber roofing is a highly trusted and reliable material that has earned its reputation as a low maintenance weatherproof material on rooftops nationwide for more than 30 years. It’s able to successfully withstand the world’s toughest climates while easily upholding the topside "shell" that sheds all precipitation very easily.
As experienced and fully trained technicians for roofing systems throughout the northeast, we can tell you that this is a frequently requested material for commercial properties that never sees callback requests due to leaking roofs. Unlike some other kinds of materials, such as roll roofing, rubber roofing triumphantly endures all weather conditions - from extreme triple-digit temperatures to those nearing zero, and even hurricane-forced winds - and still effectively seals your overhead structure without any problems.


EPDM Rubber: This tried, tested and true material is an eco-friendly rubber that does not pollute runoff rainwater, which is perfect for those who seek to maximize their property. The multiple uses of EPDM synthetic rubber is a testament to its quality as a sealant for your commercial property. It is used as tubing for dozens of products, including those requiring electrical insulation, solar panels, vehicles, and various safety equipment. More to the point, for roofing purposes, EPDM is outstanding for the ozone, heat, and weather resistance. It really features all of the benefits when you consider rubber; it’s flexible, fits anywhere, and seals anything. 

Rubber roofing is a slam dunk for your business. It remains virtually maintenance free for several years. With our material, you can rest easy knowing that rubber is steadfastly upholding a complete overhead shell for your business. Find out why rubber has inspired billions of square feet to be installed for commercial and industrial buildings worldwide. We look forward to hearing from you!
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