There are two vital dimensions that dictate the quality, durability, and performance of your commercial roof, and those are the technical skill employed during installation and the quality of the product. With Signet Construction, you are sure to get both highly experienced professionals and the most effective, long-lasting products you can count on for many years to come. 
Flat Roof Repair 
If you have noticed something wrong with what should be your weatherproofed roofing system, then you know that sooner or later you will need flat roof repair. You know better than we do about the importance of the materials and goods housed inside your structure, and how moisture or inconsistent temperatures may affect your supplies. For one, untreated damage exponentially begets further damage. Water is one of the most destructive properties on our planet. Also, beyond promoting rust, widening cracks, fissures, holes, and very unpleasant and possibly harmful mold, you do not want your goods ruined or at least compromised by water or moisture.

Industrial Roofing
One of the key dominant features usually apparent regarding industrial roofing is how flat, or relatively low-pitched, the roof is designed to be. However, a flat roof faces a greater challenge from gravity, and if materials are not up to snuff, then uneven variations, sagging, and dips may develop. This allows for pooling of water to occur when our communities see rain or snow. Rest assured, we have the skills and materials that will improve and extend the life of your commercial building.


Metal Roof Coatings
New metal roof coatings have vastly improved industrial and commercial buildings. In the old days, business owners chose metal roofing to decrease installation pricing and reinforce maximum protection against fire. All in all, it was a very affordable method while sufficiently protecting your product. But with old metal rooftops comes a fatal flaw: time can catch up with the material fairly quickly. With the weather we get in the northeast, the temperature flux from bitter cold to severe heat greatly expands and retracts the material, creating fissures, cracks, and holes. This quickly creates an open door for oxidization or rust, which only makes the disintegration process worsen. Newer metal roof coatings are able to withstand these climate changes and elements, thus protecting you and your business. 

Roof Replacement 
Roof replacement is one of those aspects to owning a commercial or industrial property that most do not prefer to think about. Ironically enough, however, it’s a cheaper alternative to installing a brand new roof. Signet Construction offers roof replacement services to commercial and industrial customers all over Olean, NY; Warren, PA; and the surrounding areas. 
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